‘Education is back-bone of nation’ according this forever proverbs thought once the organizer members of Jamia established the Jamia Mohammadia Salafia in 1971.

More or less than half century this educational institution made many knowledge our persons as like a burning sun who are making actually an human being and destroyed all uncultrure, un-social, un education and reforming the society all difference part of India. 

On coming day Jamia promised, he would teach the principles, brotherhood, human values, mankind and regain the intellectual scientific civilization in coming future.



Aims and Objects of Jamia Muhammadia Salafia---------

1. To elucidate the message of Islam to all mankind clarify the truth of pure Islamic monotheism. and invite the believers to be under a Jamaa’t

2. To teach the principles of mutual benevolence brotherhood, love of the country and respect of human values

3. To propagate and publicise the Islamic prinicples, values, culture and ideas to all manking according to the accepted path of our righteous salaf

4. To conduct courses and training for individuals, Dua’t and member of Jamaa’t to regain the intellectual, cultural and civilization identity of the Ummah through Quraan’s and Sunnah

5. To strengthen human, religious and social relations among Muslims at both individual and collective levels, achieving brotherhood and cooperation for mutual benevolence, peity, unity and rejecting the causes of conflict and disunity

6. To confront the ideological onslaughts and deviant behaviour among Muslims and build their personality on sound Islamic lines